On being older and aging well…Movement for the next prestigious 50 years.

Some 30 years ago, I had the immense privilege to study under one of the foremost Biomechanist and Neurophysiologist in the world, Dr Mel Siff.

Back then, his research revealed that long term isolation exercise movements are not only less effective than compound full body movements but can also lead to degradation of the physical system and the nervous system.

When I started working as a personal trainer, I got caught up in the hype of the popular franchise gyms that monopolize the fitness industry…big names like “Sharper Image”, “Racquet and Health”, “Health Connection” and the current chains “Virgin Active” and “Planet Fitness”.

I followed and adopted a typical bodybuilding/strength training mentality for years. Body image and getting ‘in shape’ was the order of the day. To my dismay, I injured my back and both my shoulders using this training modality. Fortunately, my own rehab program helped me recover fully from these injuries.

But why did this happen?

…I wasn’t training the way Dr Mel Siff taught me! 

…I was attracted to the way everyone else in the gym was doing it!

13 years ago, I re-examined Dr Mel Siff’s wise teachings, to explore what I had neglected all these years…the merits of human movement fluency. I reviewed my training strategy and formulated an entirely new protocol based on my findings. Introducing this new system to my clients got me a strong following. But it wasn’t until 7 years ago after totally revolutionizing my methodology for training clients that I finally produced my “Strength Restoration and Movement Preservation Protocol” (SRMPP).

What does this mean for someone like you?

Well…movement becomes restricted and painful as the years pile on…due to conscious neglect and avoidance of movement. So you stop moving. The less you move, the more difficult it is to do so…when you decide to move you can’t do it…and so the vicious cycle continues. You’ve ‘exercised’ for years but you’ve lost the confidence to use your body well…

You’ve tried everything to remedy this situation, CrossFit, Tabata, HIIT, Pilates, boxing, whatever else they throw at you, but at your age, it all feels like torture…

No more you say, you’re determined to change your life and improve the quality of your movement…but you don’t know where to go, who to turn to…until now…

I have a program that suits your needs, SRMPP. But how does it work for you?

You are at most vulnerable physically, when you stake your perception of fitness solely on the activities you do most. Despite running, walking, cycling regularly, there are certain joints which are not entirely happy with your choices. Regardless of all this exercise you have injured yourself…many times. You hurt your back lifting furniture, you pull your shoulder reaching overhead for something on the top shelf, you hurt your knees bending down in your garden…

Why would this be? How does this happen?

A slight change of position, an uneven distribution, or an imperfectly balanced load with strange handholds can all lead to a sore back, shoulder or knee.

You must be able to adapt physically and mentally to the changing conditions. Your movement should always serve real life circumstances. In other words, your training needs to prepare you for chaos and complexity, imperfection and for the unpredictable, because life tends to serve us a great deal of it on a regular basis.

The solution is to go down the path of imperfection. It sounds daunting, I know! I get people to gently and cautiously move into ‘wrong’ patterns to help prevent injuries. The rationale is that you will end up in some wrong position one day, so you may as well begin teaching your body how to cope with it.

You’re in your comfort zone when you go out to run, cycle, walk…you seek the easy path and stick with what is comfortable. But if you only stick to the comfortable things, your comfort zone will shrink on you. If your entire program has you always just standing when you exercise, then you’re not going to be much use if you have to turn a corner, side step, twist or any other natural movement. 

So, what do I do?

You need to re-educate your brain on how to move globally as an integrated unit, engaging your entire being, rather than as the sum of many disparate, disjointed parts. That is what’s in store for you when you start with SRMPP.

I get people to move again. We are not just going to move, we are going to move well, and with skill and confidence. I will teach you fundamental movement skills to make you move in many different ways, not to restrict yourself, but to open up your mind to the many opportunities there are to move in new and interesting ways. To explore movement that is often unconventional, whatever is required to achieve along your journey to make you a stronger person.

I believe that for you to move at your best for as long as you wish in your life, you need a solid understanding of the importance of strength training and movement strategies.

My program helps you restore your body through mindful movement. I focus on natural wholesome body movement quality. I help your brain and body learn to transition from one posture to another for safe movement. Hips will open more, shoulders will feel less tight, and spinal integrity will be restored, since the objective is to move freely in all the joints. You will feel lithe, nimble and more youthful.

My role includes showing you how to tune into your body, to learn to trust your body again, and to provide you with a safe experience to explore movement. It is about creating an internal system in which as many movements as possible are available and safe to perform…from something seemingly as simple as walking to something quite the opposite…doing a pull up…

A physical system that is supportive no matter what activity you choose to participate in. To have confidence that no matter what you get yourself into, your body has you covered, it has your back, because it has its own intelligence and intuition.

A system which says ‘I have to get back to life safely’…I want to improve my quality of life…

I want to get back to living a normal life!

Who am I and why should you come to me for help? 

My Name is Jacques Artruc. I am a Strength and Movement Coach, tutored by Dr Mel Siff, world acclaimed bio mechanist, foremost authority on human movement science and neurophysiology, both locally and internationally.

My early years in the gym, were no different to anyone else. You exercised with weights and the natural draw was to build and increase muscle size and strength. Cardio work was also a big thing then, so treadmills and upright stationary bikes were all the craze. My first taste to this type of training was during my stay in Hong Kong while studying Chinese Kung Fu. When I returned to South Africa, my love for gym was sealed. I continued training down this path for many years before embarking on a transformation of my training methods to meet my needs as a Martial Artist.

In 1990, I secured a position to operate a corporate gym, to which I dedicated the next 17 years. During this time, I formulated and tested my new training protocol on a variety of clients (cyclists, joggers, trail runners, seasoned hikers, swimmers, etc.)

When Virgin Active’s new flagship gym in Little falls opened up their doors in May 2008, I was their first Personal Trainer. This setup offered me the opportunity to further experiment on myself and explore many new training modalities.

Using this knowledge, I now move with more fluidity and confidence at 59 years young than I did when I was 50… and so can you! 

Movement fluency, irrespective of the sporting activity you pursue, is the ability to move well with a strong and healthy body especially while ‘moving’ into the second half of life.

I enjoy the comments my clients make when they achieve the ‘unbelievable’ or the ‘amazing.’ The priceless look of astonishment on their faces, realizing they’re capable of mastery over their bodies!

But this can only happen through the choices you make. There is only one person who can make that choice and that is YOU! Designate a little time every day to move and in doing that you will regain energy, muscle, mobility, confidence and your life will be forever changed.

SRMPP will help you kick start your movement journey.

SRMPP is a simple concept, but there are many possible ways to make it work in your own training.














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