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I have been part of the fitness industry for 28 years. During this time the industry has undergone a major transformation, but not for the better!

The gyms today are filled with people who are there to “show and go”. We live in a world unlike anything else before. Modern conveniences allow us to exist with little effort. Everything is designed to be comfortable…including our gyms and workout equipment.

Much of the fitness industry is still mired in machine based training. Walk into any big franchise gym and your sales consultant will quickly direct your attention to the expensive looking equipment.

Why bother standing when your local gym has an entire circuit line with padded seats and lumbar support!

Modern gym based training exists to give you the illusion of being fit. It’s all about shallow appearance built on minimum effort. True, functional, useable fitness is built from being involved in athletic activities that revolve around multi-planar movement and a wide base of movement skills, base strength and fitness. Even if your training revolves around this concept, many are still stuck in “go hard or go home “ mentality and worry only about how many or how fast they can train, neglecting how well they perform the movements.

The notion that high impact, crazy, exhaustive workouts produce the kind of results one would expect, does only the opposite…wear down your body!

The overall goal of your training should be to make you move better, opening up the opportunity to move more to prolong movement longevity. If you do not move well, then life in general will be a difficult struggle, rather than rewarding, pleasurable and beautiful.

As you get older your body shows signs of weakness. But why? That’s easy…lack of mobility, not lack of strength! While mobility may not be quite understood and is an area that may appear complex at first, once you break it down its pretty simple. Mobility can be described as: “maximally efficient motion performed on demand, in any direction, at any speed, characterized by smooth transitions between movements”. Which also means that “the body needs to be free of poor movement patterns, musculoskeletal compensations, adhered scar tissue, overactive protective reflexes and other issues that impact motion.”

Many well-educated people know what they are doing but because they love complexity they still fall for eloquent workouts…despite the overwhelming evidence that the simple stuff works and often works better. People like to pursue all kinds of complicated interventions. Every day some new physiological ‘magic trick’ pops up promising instant improvements on your present state of immobility, in one position or another.

It’s common in today’s fitness world to think you need a specialist plan because you want to accomplish much. Everyone wants a squatting plan, a deadlift plan, a crossfit plan, and any plan that will hopefully achieve the chosen task…even though this planning will not necessarily improve their mobility!

How many are after the skill to perform a specialised exercise, yet are unable to carry out basic stability and mobility drills.

So before you even begin to worry about specialist movement principles such as doing a squat, steering a mountain bike, drawing a bow, swinging a club, throwing a ball, scaling a wall, whatever your chosen physical activity demands of you, you should be able to tick off a bunch of basic movement principles

…then what is the solution?

We are told by leading Biomechanists and Neurophysiologists how powerful human movement is, and how nourishing it is to our bodies. What they tell us is that movement matters a lot but we are doing too little of it. We are not only losing it but also faking our body’s natural response to movement.

Natural wholesome body movement is not to be found in the laboratory of the indoor climate controlled non nature highly fabricated equipment type things and we should try and move away from this.

We need to revise our movement wisdom. We need to re-educate the brain on how to move globally as an integrated unit…engaging our entire being, rather than as the sum of many disparate, disjointed parts. The body is a complex system made up of many chains. These chains, when they are working well, help us move efficiently and with greater fluency. We need to focus on improving the chains, not the individual parts and you will be stronger, and fitter than ever.

I have spent the last 10 years exploring the merits of human movement fluency and this is why I created my Movement Restoration and Preservation Protocol (MRPP)

What is MRPP and how will it give me what I need?

Because your body is getting a pounding from dysfunctional patterns, it slowly breaks down. This doesn’t feel good.

My training program will help restore your body through mindful movement. We focus on movement quality. We will help your brain and body learn to transition from one posture to another for safe movement. Hips will open more, shoulders will feel better, since the objective is to move freely in all the joints. You will feel lithe, nimble and more youthful.

MRPP will fix muscular weaknesses and imbalances, address the most common human maladaptations, present effective strategies to skilfully repattern the neuromuscular system, through the restoration of strength, balance, coordination, stability, mobility, flexibility, fluidity and full range of motion and control.

MRPP is a whole new perspective on fitness and training.


My Name is Jacques Artruc. I am a Movement Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. Tutored by Dr Mel Siff, world acclaimed biomechanist, foremost authority on human movement science and neurophysiology, both locally and internationally until his passing away in 2003.

My early years in the gym, were no different to anyone else. You exercised with weights and the natural draw was to build and increase muscle size and strength. Cardio work was also a big thing then, so treadmills and upright stationary bikes were all the craze. My first taste to this type of training was during my stay in Hong Kong while studying Chinese Kung Fu. When I returned to South Africa, my love for gym was sealed. I continued training down this path for many years before embarking on transforming my training methods to accommodate my needs as a Martial Artist.

In 1990 I secured a position to fully operate a corporate gym, where I dedicated the next 17 years.  During this time, I formulated and tested my new training protocol on many of my clients (there were cyclists, joggers, trail runners and seasoned hikers, etc.).Many of them expressed how quickly their overall body conditioning improved by training with me, and how well they were performing in their sports.

When Virgin Active opened up their doors to their new flagship gym in Little Falls of May 2008, I was their first Personal Trainer. This setup offered me the opportunity to further experiment on myself and explore many new training modalities. At 50 years young, I was physically, and mentally the strongest version of myself in comparison to 10 years earlier.


Movement matters, more so now than ever before!

Movement fluency, irrespective of the activity you pursue, is the ability to move well with a strong and healthy body especially while ‘moving’ into the second half of life. Using this knowledge I now move with more fluidity and confidence at 58 years young than I did when I was 50. And so can you!

Somebody said, ‘the magic is in the movement.’ Indeed this is true. In fact, it can be said that is ‘the mastery of movement’ in which the magic really lies.

You willnever know what pure mastery of movement is until you see it with your own eyes or feel it deep within your body. It is liberating, invigorating, relaxing and the more you explore it, pure bliss will you uncover.

I love the comments my clients make when they achieve the ‘unbelievable’ or the ‘amazing.’ The priceless look of astonishment on their faces, realizing they were capable of mastery over their bodies!

We have the ability to do incredible safe things with this vehicle we call the body, when we are trained and coached the proper way. We can become stronger and healthier, even with age.

But this can only happen through the choices we make. There is only one person who can make that choice and that is YOU! Make time every day to move and in doing that you will regain energy, muscle, mobility, confidence and your life will be forever changed.

MRPP will help you kick start your movement journey.

MRPP is a simple concept, but there are many possible ways to make it work in your own training.

MRPP is giving you what you need not what you want!

Under my coaching, we will expand your comfort zone by slowly, intelligently introducing MRPP, using new training methods and movement principles which are critical to your success.

MRPP is unlike typical programs you would receive in a conventional gym.

The training is interesting and fun, and done with unlimited variety.

If you are mildly curious, then contact me by email on or cell 0832903066 for a consultation or for further information.


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