Eagles View puppies vs. Parvoviral Virus.

A dog is a man’s or woman’s best friend.

Here at Eagles View Guest House, this saying holds true. Even before the Guest House opened Hennie had a Boerboel that was king of the mountain home. This fact he made clear by biting the bum of a lazy cook. His partner was a German Shepard that accompanied the owner, Alta, to Botswana for a few years running. This dog was like a second shadow to her. She was a real water baby and enjoyed sea holidays the most. In her later life she became lame in the rear legs and for a while she moved around with a cart. Both these dogs have now departed.

There are two new German Shepard ruling the roost. The big male, so well trained, he accompanies Hennie to his favorite cafe for early morning coffee and newspaper reading. The bitch, as black as the queen of spades, is a smaller version and her coat shines like black oil. She is another Alta shadow in the making.

Keeps me busy

Many a photo, featuring the dogs and visiting guests, has been taken. Some of the guests are a bit wary of the dogs but that does not need be. These two dogs became parents of a litter of ten puppies about two weeks ago. They are all just to cute for words. The pick of the litter. a bitch, has found a home with my brother-in-law who is also a German Shepard fan. She now resides in Potchefstroom and visits us often at the river home.

Off to a new town soon

Canine Parvoviral Virus.

The real bummer came today with the news that eight of the puppies were diagnosed with cat flu. Now we wait with crossed fingers. The Canine Pavoviral Virus takes very few prisoners. This virus is highly contagious and deadly. It poses a threat especially to puppies less than a year old because their immune systems are not yet developed. The virus originates from the feces of an infected dog and gets transported by wind, water and touch. So please beware not to be a carrier when you were in contact with an infected dog.

The treatment is symptomatic so it is vital that the puppy be diagnosed quickly. A visit to a vet clinic is sure to follow and a few days on drips will be unavoidable. The only prevention is to inoculate puppies early and regularly. The good news today, about one week later, is that nine of the puppies are alive and well.