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Self-Catering Travelers Tips

Self-Catering Advantages

Normally lower costs than that related with hotels of a similar standard.

A Guest house can be good value for money especially for families and larger groups of families and friends where the economies of scale of self-catering can mean a considerable saving in contrast to hotels and offers more freedom on what you consume and when.

You are freed from any traps of holiday packages and way more in control of your time and what you do with it. There’s no early morning rush to catch the hotel breakfast before it closes or eat dinner at the hotel by a recommended time.

A guest house offers flexibility to prepare food yourself so any time is tea time or eat out at restaurants if you so wish or a combination of the two. Being on a diet and staying at a self-catering guest house may work perfectly in your favour, mainly because you get to prepare exactly what you want to eat and still keep to your diet.

Being able to eat what you want and not being forced to eat what has been prepared by the hotel, so no matter what self-catering is a great option. Private cooking facilities make a guest house a home away from home.

Self- Catering Disadvantages

You and your family and friends are responsible for providing for your own meals.

Preparing meals throughout the day, cooking time and cleaning up afterwards all take valuable holiday time.

Depending on what you make to eat and for how many people, this can eat in to your holiday time.

Some guest house’s do not do housekeeping if the guests do not take the meals included packages, so there is a high possibility cleaning up after yourself will have to be done.

At Eagles View Guest House and Conference Centre we offer discounted rates for long-term and monthly accommodation. A fully equipped kitchen by the pool offers self-catering facilities, Personal care and attention is given by our wonderful staff. We aim to make each guest feel completely at home.